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For the price of just one commercial in most markets (and MUCH less in many), Radio Advertising 101 – Secrets from the Insiders gives you instant access to 101 eye-opening pages of value-filled content that will save you thousands-and-thousands of dollars in marketing mistakes…all while dishing out insider secrets from radio advertising pros that will help your future advertising generate big time business from new clients and customers.

In fact, we’re so certain that you’ll find this the most insightful advertising resource you’ve ever purchased, that we’re giving you a 100%, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. If for any reason you don’t think these insider secrets will save you thousands in future mistakes or help you generate thousands in new business, you can have every penny of your money back. Now, that’s confidence in delivering huge value to your bottom line.

Here is what you’ll know after reading Radio Advertising 101 – Secrets from the Insiders:

First, we went to radio station managers and radio advertising account executives (the insiders) around America and asked them the most important questions that every current or potential radio advertiser desperately needs to know. Their answers were amazing! They will forever provide you insight from “the other side of the desk” that are absolutely crucial for you to maximize your dollars when advertising on the radio.

What’s even more special about these insider secrets is that there would be no way to get this information from any other source – including research, an advertising agency, or a marketing consultant. That’s because all of the answers were given without the knowledge of why we were asking. In other words, their guard was down. So you get answers without spin or anyone trying to “sell you something.” YOU GET THE TRUTH!

Not only that, but the amount of answers we were able to get and the number of different opinions that are included is going to give you some serious bottom line action plans when you’re done reading them. Want the numbers? Get this…over 50 different radio advertising executives and radio managers participated and they provided over 250 unique answers. NOW THAT’S INSIDER INFORMATION YOU CAN TAKE TO THE BANK!

By the way, want to know how we were able to get so much participation? We bribed them with coffee! Radio pros who answered all the questions received a $10.00 Starbucks gift certificate and we held a random drawing for all that participated and gave away a $100 Amazon gift card. Best $600 we’ve ever spent (and you are the one that is going to get the BIGGEST BENEFITS)!

Here are the 12 insider questions we asked and the number of responses we received to each question:

  1. What do your most successful advertisers have in common? (15 responses)
  2. What should an advertiser know so they can create a great commercial? (27 responses)
  3. What should an advertiser know about creating the best possible schedule? (20 responses)
  4. If you could tell an advertiser what they could do to get the most out of their relationship with you, what would you suggest? (26 responses)
  5. Pick one of your radio station formats and tell an advertiser why that station’s format can work well for their business? (20 responses)
  6. Tell me about one of your most successful promotions or sponsorships, and explain why it was so beneficial to your advertisers? (15 responses)
  7. Pick an advertising platform other than radio and explain how radio can work well in conjunction with it? (17 responses)
  8. What are the benefits of a (pick your favorite) :60-second, :30-second, or even shorter commercial? (23 responses)
  9. Pick dayparts, time frames, or days of the week, and explain to an advertiser what makes it so effective? (19 responses)
  10. Pick a recent advertiser you had and explain why their advertising schedule failed? (20 responses)
  11. Pick your more successful advertisers and explain what makes their advertising so effective? (34 responses)
  12. What is your market size and tell me how much money it takes to create an “effective” schedule? (18 responses)

All of these amazing insider secrets are just part of the huge value you receive from Radio Advertising 101 – Secrets from the Insiders. You also get the following…

Do you want to know how much the average thirty-second radio commercial costs in your market? We list the top 200 radio markets in America. Then, we found out the average cost of a thirty-second commercial in 50 of those markets. If your market is one of the 50, extra good for you. But even if your market doesn’t have a price next to it, you should be able to get a reasonable idea for your cost by comparing markets close to you in population size that are listed with price estimates.

Bonus #2
An incredibly informative transcript from an audio interview conducted with 20-year radio veteran and certified
marketing expert, Gregg Murray on radio advertising. Here are just 10 of the 28 questions he answers for you:

  • What are the most frequent mistakes advertisers make?
  • What’s the best way to advertise?
  • How long does it take for advertising to begin working?
  • What should I say in my commercial?
  • I’m a small business with a small budget – can I still advertise effectively?
  • Should I hire an advertising agency?
  • How do buying cycles affect my advertising?
  • What is co-op advertising?
  • Should I advertise during nights and weekends?
  • What is a “Unique Selling Proposition?”

Bonus #3
We looked into advertising options other than radio and dissected their strengths, weaknesses, and
how radio can be used to maximize the results of each. Included in the research and analysis were:

  • Yellow Pages
  • Newspaper
  • Direct Mail
  • Billboards
  • Broadcast Television
  • Cable Television
  • Internet
  • Magazines

Bonus #4
The Advertiser Needs Analysis: There are 18 questions that any advertising executive is going to need to know if they are to help you maximize your marketing (on radio or anywhere else). We list each and every question you need to know the answer to so you can share this information with those that want your marketing dollars.

Bonus #5
Radio Format Descriptions: We give you a list of and description for 35 radio formats heard on radio stations across America. That way, you can get a feel for what type of stations are the best match for your potential customers.

Bonus #6
Audience Breakdown Per Format: We dive deeper into the top 23 radio formats and tell you what percentage of the following age groups are tuning in to those stations (now that’s targeting a demographic!): 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, 65+

Bonus #7
Want to generate some ideas on creating great radio commercials? Need to get your creative juices flowing? No problem. We went out and found links to over 200 award winning radio commercials. Now, you have access to hear them all.

Bonus #8
The Radio Advertising Glossary: Definitions to the 46 most frequently used “insider” terms in radio advertising. Being able to talk-the-talk is a giant benefit to let your radio representative know that you know what you’re talking about!


  • We list the 31 top radio station formats and count down which are most poplar.
  • The 10 reasons to advertise.
  • The 12 biggest reasons that businesses advertise on radio.

Imagine the thousands of dollars you’ll save in advertising mistakes with all of this knowledge, and the thousands of extra dollars in revenue you’ll generate by knowing exactly what is needed to be one of the “successful advertisers.”

And how is all of this knowledge packaged? Conveniently!

In just a few minutes, you’ll have access to the 101+ page guide in a single PDF document that can be downloaded instantly and printed out if you choose. The bottom line is that you’re going to be learning all of what we’ve talked about here just minutes from now…and at a price that’s less than a single commercial in most markets (MUCH less in most)!

And if you don’t think you got your money’s worth many times over. No problem. Just let us know and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price. No questions asked!

Download Radio Advertising Tips 101 – Secrets from the Insiders now for only $67! That’s right, only $67!!!